lodno. Then we IBM offered another way out: we have developed independently symmetry new operating system, and then it is for a small amount gained myth her license. His profit, we would have received from the sale of the product other computer firms. But IBM said that its programmers must participate in the development of any products that are the strategic importance. A new operating system will certainly respect Investments in such products.
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IBM has been recognized by the great company. Why it ponadobilas this opportunity me to the development of software for personal computers? One of the reasons for the apparent trend in the IBM move its best programming brilliant in the administration, and less-talented left on the ground. And that more importantly, it did not give away past successes. But so commonplace IBM technology product development is not fit for a dynamic market programs focusing on personal computers.
In April 1987, IBM published a set of integrated Traffic equipment and software, which was to combat miserable simulators. This "clone killer" called PS / 2, and he worked under the administration develop new operating system OS / 2.
In the PS / 2 had several innovative solutions. The most famous of them - new "microchannel tire" to connect to the system subsidiary card, which allowed personal computer complement such specific the possibility of processing sound or communication link with meynfreymami. Microchannel at PS / 2 was very elegant substitute for chlorine nitelnoy PC AT tires, but to tackle the challenges that the majority of clients customers simply not encountered. Its potentially superior speed Expo faster PC AT tires, but in practice tire at the time had not made suschestvenno- the first contribution to the performance of computers, so customers do not receive special benefits from its use. Far more importantly, proved Microchannel Yemen is absolutely incompatible with any of the thousands of subsidiary boards, excellent working with computers type PC AT.
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As a result, IBM has agreed to license certain deductions transfer Zia on Microchannel producers expansion cards and personal computers. But by the time the coalition of producers have already announced new tires, obladavshey many opportunities Microchannel and at the same time mya compatible with the PC AT tires. Customers resisted Microchannel, preferring old tires PC AT. Selection of expansion cards for PS / 2 not been lo and compare that proposed for systems compatible with the PC AT. This prompted IBM to continue production of computers, maintaining old tires. But the real disaster for IBM was in another - she lost control architecture PCs. She now has nikog- yes alone will not be able to turn the industry into a new direction.
Despite the titanic efforts of IBM and Microsoft, customers still considered melted OS / 2 is too cumbersome and complex system. What looked worse OS / 2, it seemed attractive Windows. Since we lost a reliable for compatibility between Windows and OS / 2, and no longer believed that the OS / 2 can work on machines with modest resources, we decided to continue to develop opment of Windows. It was a much compact: occupy less space on the hard disk and require less memory - she would find a place and machines which never would have been able to work with OS / 2. We called it "Family" strategy. In other words, OS / 2 could be the system "high-end", a Windows-youngest member of the family for simpler machines.
IBM of our strategy was not enthusiastic, nursing his plans. Spring - Term 1988, in conjunction with other computer manufacturers, it vystu- the initiative saw Open Software Foundation in order to help develop ment UNIX, the operating system, originally created in Bell Labs firms AT & T in 1969, but subsequently razvetvivsheysya numerous stand have. Some of its versions were developed in the universities who study gadolinium UNIX as a laboratory environment for research in the theory of operations tsionnyh systems. Other versions created a computer firm. Each company improved UNIX under their computers, leading to its incompatibilities tonnage with the other versions. The result was not a single UNIX open the system, a set of operating systems, competing with each other. These differences are increasingly worsened compatibility software delayed emergence of a powerful and independent development of the market for UNIX. Programmistskie Few firms can afford to create and close layout applications under a dozen different versions of UNIX. But shops Trade guyuschie software could not keep in stock all kinds versions of the same programs.
I remember as a child every Sunday evening at eight on television through Shipowner The Ed Sullivan Show (Ed Sullivan show). Most American CET (who was a TV) sought not to miss this transfer because only that it can be seen and "harass", Elvis Presley, "Temp- teyshnz "or, for example, the guy whose ten dogs on the nose krutili dish. Not God forbid, if at that time you were not at home: on Monday You are no longer involved in the hot discussion yesterday's show.
Conventional television allows choose that look, but not when watch. For a television suited technical term "simultaneous the Board itself. "Spectator works to (set), under the grid broadcasting. Imen- but since 30 years ago, I watched Ed Sullivan show, and that is what most of us will be watching this evening news.
In the early eighties video gave us more freedoms baud. If you are interested in that you were willing to issue perhaps set-timers, please: push blank tapes, write transfer and watch it anytime. Talking on the phone - "thing" synchronous too, because it involved two simultaneous cooperation
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